I have felt a major shift in the last few weeks. All of a sudden, I have no interest in what were borderline obsessive hobbies. I also had the sudden urge to change my hair color after two years of feeling great with what I had. (I chose a color which is close to my natural color). I have been taken back to many memories from 20 years ago to close out these timelines, and also take back what was left behind so long ago… oddly enough there are hobbies I had lost interest in. Certain opportunities have been presented to me since this shift that line up with those past hobbies. I feel like there is a reason for this, and it certainly syncs up with my sudden loss of interest over my current hobbies. I am eager to tap into these old creative energies again. Doing so will also help me access my lost inner child as well.

I have had two new guides come to me in dreams in the past few weeks. One was a healing by an ancient Chinese healing master. Another was a Mary Poppins type guide who is here to help with the chaos of raising 4 boys. I will post screenshots of the dream logs below.

This has also been a month of many downloads for me! My downloads come in as epiphanies out of the blue in my head. One after another sometimes. One recent download was an urge from my guides to share my previous epiphanies 😁 I have had them saved up to one day make oracle cards… however I am told that this is the time to share them. I will start posting one a day pretty soon so come back to check!

How has everyone been feeling? Are you feeling shifts in your life?

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