Sneaky Ego

After writing my last blog post titled “Ugh”, I went into retreat. In the post, I described how I was absorbing others judgements and egos. Shortly after writing the post, I realized that my ego was in control of the entire thing. A contraindication of the exact issue that I described. My ego was offended that others were not on my level… that single statement was a judgement and a label based from my own inner ego self. Once I realized this, I was embarrassed and wanted to delete the post. However, what would come of that? We are all here to learn and grow. Hiding away the truth creates more harm than good. I worried that perhaps someone could read it and apply my ego points of view to their own journey and go down the wrong path of thinking… then I thought “maybe that’s the point”. Reading that post at the right time could be a catalyst. Perhaps one may overcome that frame of thinking in the future, and without my post they never would get to that point. Knowing that unknowingly reading my mistake in thinking could help in either a negative or positive way is the whole point of ascension. We are all here to learn lessons, and deleting that post is just my egos way of winning. My wanting to delete that post was my ego being sneaky. So sneaky!

I am here to plant seeds. I am not here to sway thinking. When we set the ego aside, there is no right or wrong. When we set the ego aside, we are free from being a slave to ourselves. I do not want to kill my ego, I want to set her aside. I want her to be highly trained to keep quiet without judgement. When we let go of judgement, we can finally be free. The process of recognizing when we have judgements is the process of ascension.


  1. Ego is just one’s Sense of Self. “Setting it aside” is not so swell either. How will you get to a state of Self Sovereign without it?! Ego ISSUES is a whole other animal though. Where do we get our Sense of Self is what it’s all about. Let the Divine assist in determining your Sense of Self… rather than programming from a rather messed up world.


    1. Yes, I totally agree. It’s important to never shun the ego… although I do feel it is important to train the ego. Without the ego, we can never learn lessons. It is easy for us to allow the ego to take the reigns in life, and that is what I was getting at when I said to set the ego aside. When we reach the point of recognizing when the ego took control, this is when we can thank it and “set it aside” for that time being. With the ego set aside, we can see the situation from a different perspective without the ego placing judgement.


  2. Dear Starseed,

    Removing the ego from the front seat is such a painful process but so rewarding. It keeps going away kicking and screaming. I don’t know when it’ll end.

    We are here to plant seeds, that’s beautiful.

    I thought of you when I was nominated for a blogosphere award. You are invited to participate if you like.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day 🌈🐬


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