Inhale Exhale

Deep breathing is like turning a fan on in your house. It moves the energy through your body. Like air circulation for your home. If you don’t turn the fan on, the energy becomes stagnant and stale. You need to breath to move old energy out and new energy in.

Try this: When deep breathing, use visualizations of sparkling light going from the earth, up through your feet, and up towards your head. It then shoots out from your head into the universe. Like a boomerang, it comes back down and rains the sparkling light all over your body. Exhale a slow deep breath as it rains and visualize it going down into and over your body. It then travels through your feet into the ground, then turns into sparkling roots from your feet into the ground. Sometimes, I will envision the light hitting the ground like a lightning bolt. Envision roots going all the way down to the magma, and wrap them around the core of the earth.

I practice this grounding exercise anywhere when I feel spacey, overwhelmed, or even in the shower. It’s a quick way to reset your energy, and circulate the built up energy dust.

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