Cord cutting/removal ~ You can clear your own energy

I’ve decided to do a post about cord cutting and removal. It is such an amazing way to remove what my guides call “detriments”. Don’t let anything you may have previously learned deter you from cord cutting. I have seen many fears regarding cord cutting, as if you are removing an entire lifeline from a person or thing. The cords grow back just like stubble. Just a mere thought of a person creates a new cord. Cord removal can remove years and lifetimes worth of old energy without formally severing ties to a person. Also, anything that you read that causes you fear, is not of highest light. Fear-mongering even in an innocent form is just a program.

Before I begin, I also want to point out how important it is to be as specific as possible when speaking to our guides. I used to think the act of setting an intention was more like goal setting. Nope. I discovered that setting an intention is actually a fancy way of saying “ be specific as possible as to what you want”. It took me years of wishy washy responses and outcomes to realize that I just wasn’t specific enough. For example, before meditation I used to set the intention to clear my head. Now, I set the intention to clear my energy by cutting cords to XYZ and to ground it into the earth. Or I would like to travel to _____ today in the future around 2024. Do you see the difference of energy that specificity creates?

When cord cutting, I tend to do one issue per meditation. This gives me more time to find them and repair the area, and also this allows smooth integration on the days following the self clearing process.

I will now write out my own process of going into a meditative state prior to any clearing work or astral travel work. I typically meditate for about 20-30 minutes at a time. I am extremely visual so it doesn’t take more than 5ish minutes to be in a meditative state and then images and words, spoken or audible come through quite fast. This is how you know you have tapped into your higher self. Your thoughts will become super fast. Your guides most likely will speak in your own thinking voice. Pay attention to the tone and speed of which they speak. This is how you can begin to differentiate and eventually, with practice you will hear their own voices.

I close my eyes and put on meditation music. My favorite music is by a group called Electric Sound Bath, which I find on Apple Music. I begin to take slow, long breaths. On inhale, I visualize all of my energy in light form float up to the sky, above the trees, then shoot out to the universe. On exhale, all of the universe light comes down over and inside me, through my feet and into earth. Then once the light is inside the earth, I visualize it as golden lit roots traveling to the center of the earth. The center of the earth looks like a giant ball of magma- this is the central sun. I do this for about 5-10minutes. This practice helps me reach to the Universe while grounding me to earth at the same time.

Once I feel centered in this space, I state my intention. Earlier on this day, I came to the awareness of poverty consciousness. I said to my guides “please help me find, cut, and remove cords to help heal my poverty consciousness once and for all.”

At this point, I start seeing images. Sometimes I will see pictures, or even the image of a word. As if the word is floating in my field of vision. Sometimes I will see scenes from a movie to help describe a similar issue in my life as a reference. I call this imagery, my spiritual encyclopedia. For decades, I have created associations to images or scenes for my visual encyclopedia.

When I asked to see the poverty cords, I saw one main cord with three cords branching off from it. One was attached to my armpit, another at my shoulder, and the third on my neck. Oddly enough, I often have physical issues with the left side of my body in these areas. I began looking at these cords and noticed that there were scabs on the skin where the cord entered my body. The scabs symbolize healing that I have already done. I gently began to pry away the loose bits of scab. I then began to rub gently on the cord base, one branch section at a time. These cords were about 1-2 inches in diameter. I have seen larger cords before around 4-5 inches in diameter. As I pull on cords, the momentum begins and you can start pulling with more force if you feel guided. I sometimes feel like a magician pulling never ending scarves out of a hat. The cords are so long sometimes! Once I was done pulling these branches cords from my shoulder areas, I noticed they kept getting stretchy similar to chewed bubble gum pulled apart. It was long, stringy and stretchy. I picked up the floppy cords and hoisted them up to the universe, which transmutes them into rain. Then it rains to the ground and becomes earth. I have also seen cords before with thorns and tar!

I then turn to the gaping holes left behind on my body from where the cords were removed. I visualize a putty type substance. It is made of divine light. Today, I made it of gold sparkly putty to symbolize my poverty consciousness issue. I took away the poverty and replaced the gap with gold. I stuff the holes until it is like packed brown sugar in a measuring cup. Then I smooth out the top surface and thank my guides for their assistance. I will get chills of confirmation.

So, that’s it! If you don’t want to remove any cords, you don’t have to. Simply cutting cords is like a haircut, you will have stubble left over. I tend to like removing the cords if I know I am over a situation, such as moving on from an ex. I have trimmed and cleaned cords before when I am not done learning lessons regarding a person or situation. I have had a 20+ year friendship where I just trimmed and cleaned up the cords and had profound effects on our friendship. There was black sludge similar to tar surrounding her giant cord. Once it was cleaned, our tension was removed.

The timing regarding for grow back depends on each individual. A large clearing for a person such as complete removal can remain sealed for quite some time. However if you are around this person frequently, the cords will gradually grow back. Cutting and removal cords will assist in less thoughts overall regarding the issue. It depends on the lengths taken to remove a person or situation from your life. If you cut the cords and then search for the person via social media, you will have growth occur more quickly than if you didn’t.

I hope this helps. Please leave any questions in the comments!

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