The Now and the Magnified Now

Stay in the Present. Be comfortable here. To go into the past is to stress of what brought you here. To be in the future makes you worry about what you are doing now in the present. The present however, is that comfortable limbo bubble. Here you can have no worries or stress and just BE. Here you can be creative and free and open. Yes, it’s fine to ponder of what you want in the future- but don’t go any further. Going into the details of it all causes overwhelm, and you essentially teleport to a future that is unknown and confusing. It is not possible to plan it all out. Nothing ever matches our expectations. You may stay in the present and flow with the universal ocean of consciousness. To stay in the present and allowing our goals to fly off into the wind of hope, lets the universe and spirit take the reins and guide you. They are the drivers and you are in the back seat with your hand out the window feeling the pull of the wind guide your hands. Just be.

Magnify your here and now. The microscope method is being in the present, and magnifying the moment. The words I just typed are now the past. No need to spend time in the past. An example of being in the past could be that my kids are screaming their heads off. I am so annoyed, and it’s bringing me down. They finally stopped, so it is in the past now, no need for it to bring me down anymore. That past is over. I can immediately move on to the now.

Another example: Thinking about having to go to my appointment later is going into the future. Another example of the past: I am standing in line and waiting forever. Instead of thinking, “how long I will be here?”, I realize that I AM here Now. This moment is the now, and “how long” is the future. Right now I love this moment because I have time to read a book on my phone while I wait. I am not lost in thought about what happened earlier or yesterday, or how long will this take so I can leave and Be in the later- I am in the now, reading my book. Magnified.

An easy way to zoom into the present, is to practice gratitude. Look for something in your now to appreciate. Doing so will keep you in the magnified now, and will help you focus on staying there. Once a distraction comes and pulls you out of focus, that now moment is now a past moment. Your realization of this is the Now.

I was guided to write this because until recently, I could not grasp how to be in the Now. Yes, I understood why to stay out of the past and future. However for those who are struggling in the now, this may not be a happy place. I asked my guides “What if my Now sucks?! What if I don’t want to be here and just want to look towards my future?!” They did not answer. In the weeks following this much asked question, I discovered how to magnify my now.

When you zoom into the split second of each now moment, gratitude comes to the surface. This is that sweet spot that feels like a cocoon nestled into a calm cave of my emotions.

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