New Spirit Guide

A Native American man came to me in meditation. He said that I have always been a shaman, in every life though not always aware. He showed me my turquoise jewelry to wear , that it will bring me great power. He asked me to find grandfather’s shaman friend, and said that he can show me the way. He told me to follow the wind. My hand were covered with blood or red paint, and I rubbed them starting from my eyes down to my chin. He had me do energy arm movements and I was able to hug him. I asked him to be around me always and that I would like to hear him a lot.

This is the first guide to come to me and use their own voice- not my own. I have been having many synchronicities and things coming to me to show that this Native American has always been with me, he was simply leaving breadcrumbs for me to find him. Most recently, I shave been finding and collecting feathers. Each time, it is bigger than the last feather.

—- saw Native American symbols online and saw the plus sign, which I have been seeing that a lot lately. It means “path”.

—— he tells me I have spirits in my house and some are not nice. I asked how to rid of them- He told me to sage twice a day with windows open.

—— he tells me that all the clutter in my house is spirit that has died and not been buried.

Instead of calling him “he”, I feel that I will call him “Chief” for now. I just wanted to share.

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