Inner child message

With these trying times on Earth, it can be difficult to choose between the head and the heart. Especially those of us standing at a crossroads in their life.

My inner-child came to me last night with her arms crossed in front of her chest. She shared a message that I think everyone needs to hear:

Please, do not leave me behind again. STAY. The emptiness and shadows crept up as a youth the moment you started to leave me behind. You fell so deep down the black hole of darkness, I almost feared for our lives. Yet you achieved what seemed impossible, and you made it out. However, you are one step closer to going down that path again…

You stand at the threshold of a choice point once again to either stay with me, your inner child, or to leave once again for an unknown gap of time.

Please choose me; not the ego. We can begin right where we left off. Right before you began to listen to the distorted judgements of others. It’s okay that you believed them for as long as you did. You grew from this and it gave you strength.

You are here now, knowing the facade of what once was. What would you choose now, knowing your truth? Me/yourself? Or the ideals of others who do not know your truth?

Now is the time to choose you. You have been waiting for this moment your entire life. Do not waste it.

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