Flow vs Plan

Treat your queues with love and patience in flow. Do not treat as structure and form. Do not attach purpose to flow.

Flow has no end point; only a change of rhythm.

What feels good to do first? Start there and create. Resistance shows up as procrastination. Ask yourself why this resistance is present with certain tasks. Is your resistance due to fear? Perhaps the way you approach the task is off. Think organically, not purposefully. Make it fun; not with duty. Quick tidbits vs planned itinerary.

If what you wish to present feels like too much, then let this be your sign that you have stepped into a plan and not a state of flow.

Being in flow will always feel good to you. Being in flow feels leisure. Being in flow means that your heart is alive! Being in resistance means your brain is trying to override the heart. Let your heart speak louder.

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