We are in the portal

Vision: I see myself just after jumping off a cliff side, floating inside a spinning blue portal. It feels like water is rushing around me. Opposite the cliff side, I see another ledge just above to where I can reach. I manage to hoist my forearms on top and can peak my head up to see what lies ahead. If I can just hoist my body up- I know I could just start waking this path effortlessly to this next timeline.

It seems as if this portal is the in between space of what once was and what will be next. I do not feel fear, yet I am confused as to how I can hoist my body up to this next ledge without any leverage available.

This is where the present moment is so powerful. In the meantime, we can just focus on doing what we love to build up our frequency. One step at a time. No rushing. No need to be in the future too soon.

Patience and trust. We can just float in this space without any expectation or itinerary to follow. Just flow at your own pace and leverage will appear in perfect timing. This is the new earth energy; this is the flow state.

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