Tunnel Vision

I have been getting many messages from my guides lately of how important it is to stay in our tunnel. Tunnel vision. Keep moving forward, and follow the light ahead. When inside the tunnel, we are safe. We cannot look to the left or right, we cannot see behind us. We can only keep looking forward. When you are feeling stressed, step back and visualize your tunnel. This is your present moment.

Channeled message

Inexorable tendencies… The world of light and life is upon you. Buckle up, the beginning will be bumpy, but the ride will smooth out come January. Pet your animal friends, paint that picture, do what you love in every present moment. The sparkles and diamond light will surround you more as you stay present in your states of bliss.

Fear not the bumps, as they are more reserved for the others who are waking up for the first time. Just sit back and watch – do not involve yourself into their timelines. Stay in your tunnel, and keep trusting that all is well for you and your family.

And away we go!

The time is now!

It’s here!

You have waited eons, and you have finally made it! Keep your seatbelt on as we pass the final hump. Watch from above. The chaos does not belong to you.

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