Higher Self Channeling

Please pardon my absence. I have gone within for quite some time now. Whilst in my cave of enlightenment, I have become well versed with automatic writing via my higher self. I was guided to begin sharing. I discovered that my higher self is creating help for the collective.

Please only take what resonates. These channelings are unedited, and are exactly what came through on paper. The reference of “they” in this channeling refers to the unawakened ones. The reference of “the zone” is referring to the present moment within yourself. The absence of anything outside of you such as the news, outer influences, distractions, etc.

The great divide will be conquered depending what timeline you reside in. All endings to come. It is/will be over soon. The shift has begun, and the people of humanity will slowly (in their own time) see the truths of the depth of their souls. Fear is their catalyst. Just share love and understanding to those who try to push their agenda on you. They are fearful, and do not yet see how the masses project the fears and magnetize it.

The gears shift notch-by-notch and they will see. Stay in your zone. Stay in your lane as their parallel lane will crumble and end. They will see the path of their lane end. They will be confused, and they will become mad. Anger is their next catalyst. Calm at the end of the storm will appear prior to the rainbows. At this time, their path of fear is ending. You will already be far ahead in the next dimension while sending light to show them the way to the next path of their enlightenment. Your light is the beacon, the lighthouse. They are moths chasing the flame of light that is you.

Now is the shifting point where they will be in the dark and your love will shine light for them to see the way. It is time now. Just stay in your zone as theirs crumbles. No strength is needed as you have already used it up on your own journey. You have made it to the shift point while they have just begun to see it all. You are here to guide them with love and patience. No strength is needed when you stay in your present now of bliss within you. Send out the breadcrumbs of light. The time is now. They will find you sooner than later.

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