Flash Moments ✨

I went to sit on the couch in the front room. I never sit there. It was overcast and I opened the curtains to sit and look out the window. All of a sudden, a flash of light hits me in my face. It’s the sun, peeking through the trees from a tiny hole in the clouds as if it’s a spotlight directly onto me. I close my eyes and stare at the bright orange swirls behind my eyes move around. It feels intense and heavy as if a weighted blanket was laid upon me. I feel slightly woozy for a second, as the wave of this warm energy lulls me. I think to myself “this must be what cats feel when they lay in the sun.” When I can’t handle the intensity any longer, it suddenly stops. The sun disappears and I’m back in the overcast shade. I look at where the sun was and there is no sign it was ever there. At this moment I realize that this was the flash I have heard of. The whole moment lasted about 60 seconds.

This photo is from my 8 year old son. He said that the other day, he saw the sun peaking through the clouds and it “looked like the entrance to heaven”. He told me that when he looked at the sun, he could hear its frequency. He then drew the experience and it looks like light language and sigils surrounding the sun. We both had Flash moments. How magical!

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