The feeling of being stuck in limbo is actually the process of gaining momentum.

We all get stuck in that point of our life where we don’t feel like we are moving forward, and there is no end in sight. This can cause us to fear that nothing can change any time soon. These times feel like we are stuck in a limbo period, or set on the repeat button.

Most times during these lulls, we learn the most information that will assist our future. Without this limbo, we would not have time to reflect, tweak perspectives and expectations. This is a time of refinement. This also rings true of the Hermit and The Hanged Man in tarot. Visualize a toy race car. The ones that you wind up, let go and they go fast. The limbo period is the wind up period. We are winding up backwards in slow motion – this is preparation for when we let go of the car. Our life (aka, wind up car) shoots off with so much momentum! The slow backwards wind up seems monotonous and worrisome- but just around the corner is everything falling into place with the perfect timing.

Resist the urge fight the universal timing of life. If you move too soon, your momentum may not have the power of perfect timing.

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