Gentleness nurtures the inner child.

Letting go of self-constriction. Letting go of the feeling that we should be doing more. Letting go of the noise; the constant running gears of the ego and brain.

I have been trying so hard to control my outcomes, that I lost sight of myself and how my body was reacting to all the resistance of me not wanting to slow down. I now see how pushing so hard worked great in the 3rd dimension. However, in the 4th and 5th dimension, this pushing hard doesn’t work anymore. Pushing hard now acts as resistance.

I need to just Be. I want to just flow instead of trying to always control something. At what point though does flowing become accepting what is not wanted?

Perhaps it does not become something to be accepted in the when you are in flow. That the constant fighting against the universe of giving me what I don’t want was in fact the very energy I was sending to the universe of things that it thought I wanted? Energy goes where energy flows. I gave the universe a need for control and it ends up controlling me.

The only way out of this constrictive spiral is to be gentle with ourselves. It’s not just on the self care physical level. This mental level is a completely different entity of self care. The allowing of ourselves to just Be, and not control every future moment is the gentleness I speak of. It’s knowing when to take a deep breath to just center yourself. It’s the blind faith that everything will just work out and be the way it flows and transforms. The refusal to just accept things… Not in a way of failure or constriction but instead to see acceptance as it is all just perfect the way it is flowing. Trusting the process, blind landings. Having the guts to make the jump is the hard part. This is due to us feeling like a loss of control. The definition of resistance is literally the refusal to accept!

Being gentle with ourselves and slowing down is Inner Child therapy. As children, we saw the lives our parents and ancestors lived, so we took the reigns and grew up with the same expectations of life. We knew even as children that we would need to fight for what we want and work hard for it. We thought that we had to sacrifice to be successful; what does that even mean? That sentence is a contradiction! We have ended up sacrificing ourselves to fit into this box labeled success. I realize now as an adult that the word success is subjective and will not look the same for everyone. I think the inner child work at hand is to realize that there is no need to sacrifice yourself in order to be happy with your life. When you are constantly chasing this idea of success passed on from our ancestors programming, we are repeating a cycle that does not work.

This sacrifice is what leads to inner resistance and trauma. This is the moment we have all been waiting for. This is the revolution and ascension of earth. We are all waking up to what we really need and want. It’s time to get back into the shoes of our youth before we thought we had to be something that looks good to someone else.

Lately, I keep flashes of my youth at various ages. I realize that each memory precedes a time when my thinking shifted into a program. If you are reading this, take this as a prompt to do the same for yourself. Look back at your childhood and find when you were fully you, before you thought you wanted to look or be like someone else you looked up to. I keep having these visions of how happy I was and how free I felt. This is the inner child realm we need to get back to.

Easier said than done, right? Well this is what 2020 is about. The world is seemingly broken because all of its inhabitants have been living lies based on what they were programmed to do. So it’s all breaking down and crumbling. The resistance became so strong that the entire population of earth began to crumble. It’s so hard now to just move on and start a completely different life while things are still shifting out of the old. This for me, is where my new resistance issues started. I now realize that this is the time to FLOW with these changes. Trying to control what is happening is just going to make it all feel worse. The energy feels like we are falling off a cliff side avalanche, and we are scrambling to grab moving rocks to stay on top. This is the time to do the mental work of reprogramming ourselves. This is the time to be gentle with ourselves. As a child, we just wanted that special person to rub our back and take our worries away… we are that special person for our inner child. It’s time to slow down and listen to that little person inside of us begging to just go play. As we work on ourselves, we are working on the outside forces at play. Working on our inner child is what will heal this earth and transform us into the New Age. Working on our inner child’s wishes will ultimately lead us to our truth. No more lies based on what society tells us to be.

Gentleness is what is needed now. There are many people who have not realized this yet. They see the world crumbling and fear they are falling with it. Their resistance comes out as anger. This is where responsibility comes into play for you see, we are all one. If you pass by someone who is angry, instead of feeling anger back, send them gentle energy instead. Just visualizing this energy flowing towards them actually does sink into their aura! The more we can all be gentle with each other, means the more inner child’s are being comforted. We are all in this together and once we are all done flowing through this rough sea of energy, there will finally be peace on earth. It all begins with the inner child healing.

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