Guide from 1972

I have yet another spirit guide. This one has verified that he had a recent human life, and died in 1972. I have been realizing that each of my spirit guides have been with me perhaps my entire life; just not activated. My other guide Anemone (see previous posts- this guide is shaped like a gemstone encrusted turtle shell) validated this by showing me a turtle pin my grandmother gave me as a child. I realized that this turtle looks very similar to Anemone.

He showed up in bell bottoms giving me peace signs. ✌️ His name is Chris. He has appeared to me in two recent dreams. In both dreams, he was trance channeling through me. His voice would turn into my own. I now realize that he has shown himself in a physical spirit form twice in the past ten years. He has long hair down to his shoulders. I believe he is now appearing to help me with channeling. I have been guided in the past year to sing more, and do vocal chakra tuning. I also had an intense meditation months ago which involved a huge throat chakra cleanse. All of these combined definitely had me knowing that something to do with using my voice was on the horizon.

Chris is a funny lad. I say lad because that’s how he would say “guy”. He has an Irish/English type accent and addresses me as “milady”. I have no idea if this is accurate of a European hippie from the 70’s. If anyone is familiar with this culture, please let me know.

He makes his presence known by putting random 70’s music in my head. The first time I realized who he was when I had the song “sunshine day” pop into my head and it has been periodically since middle school. I searched for the song, and it was released in 1972

Another song was Neil Young’s Heart of Gold. I look up the song and it was also released in 1972. Then another song in my head to appear was Rocket-man by Elton John. Yep, this song was also released in 1972.

I completed two automatic writing sessions and came up with some interesting stuff. Some of it was like poetry or song lyrics.

1st – “Bill of rights to be justified and approved to all those who are innocent beings. The Plaintiff of Strife”

2nd – “Presents, glorious Presence”

⁃ “In tune with the days – Gone are the days of thunder; magnificent tides. Yesterday is gone and forgotten.

⁃ Into the trees, Milady. Don’t forget your shoes.

⁃ I ask you, Milady. Do you have fine wine? These luxuries in life are profound, my dear.

⁃ These days are profound like lightning, but it’s behind you now.

⁃ You have all the tools in the shed. Just sharpen them and you will find that you won’t have to wait in line. It will come for free.

⁃ The light will shine all over you, and into your shoes.”

These were my first automatic writing sessions with a spirit. If anyone has insight or recognizes any of it, please leave me a comment! One thing I struggle with when communicating with spirit is never knowing what questions to ask. The above was a result of this spirit rambling. ☺️

One thing this spirit guide has guided me to do is act like it’s 1972. I have disconnected from social media, and my cell phone in general. I am trying to talk on the phone more vs texting. I feel so free since making these simple changes. I realize now how much energy I was leaking onto my device.I see now how my cell phone literally acts as a leech. I have been getting much more accomplished around the house, I am reading more, and also doodling again.

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