An example of a Download

Many people speak of “getting downloads” from spirit and are not sure what this means. The following is an example of mine from today.

I went to bed last night and listened to a Meridian sound healing for the first time while I slept. I had a dream of having many long, tubular fluorescent lightbulbs which were interchangeable and were to be inserted into me. I woke up to find that the music had ended, yet I could hear the singer’s voice singing and vibrating through my house. I realize that the lightbulbs in the dream symbolize the pranic tube. This music was changing out the old stagnant light for new while I slept.

I have had much energy running through me today. The healing music I heard while sleeping triggered a release of an energy surge. I walked into my room and saw a bright light beam on the floor. The sun was shining a ray through an opening in my curtain. I was shown my rose quartz crystal in my minds eye. This image prompted me to retrieve the crystal and place it into the light. The crystal sparkled and shined from the inside out. She came alive and seemed to dance in the sun. I knew that this light-fest was a super charge from the suns energy. I shall sleep with this crystal tonight while I listen to more of that music!

As I set my crystal back onto the window ledge, I saw that my bamboo plant was not doing so well. I admit, he has been neglected and it’s all my fault… I took the bamboo plant out of the vase, and washed his leaves. I trimmed the roots, and old leaves. I look down and see all of the plant decay in my now clogged sink. I try to quickly skim it out with my hand, only to realize I would need an actual strainer. My hands were covered in the tiny seaweed-like goo.

I thought to my guides “Why am I doing this? How did I go from cleaning my kitchen, to finding light on the floor, playing with the crystal light show, and now struggling here with dead plant goo?”

I heard a voice say “You were going too fast. The energy surge was intense, and swept you away with it”

I knew instantly that this was a result of download and a lesson. I learned that along with an energy surge, it is important to ground myself. All the high vibe energy swept me away since I was not grounded to earth. The fact that all of that energy came in while I slept in the astral dimension explained why I was super floaty upon waking.

Upon this realization, I stared down at the still water with dead plant goo. I slowly put my hand in and pinched out a big amount of plants. Another lesson. Swishing the water to strain the goo did not work because it was not the right time. I was rushing to get it all out and just made it all worse. I had to wait for the water to stop moving and be patient. Then when timing was right, it all fell into place.


  1. Are you watering your lucky bamboo with filtered water? If not, start doing so immediately! Lucky bamboo are VERY sensitive to the chemicals in tap water, it will slowly kill them to get tap water.

    I have always watered mine with filtered water (and occasional fertilizer) and everyone at work raves to me at how deep green and perfect they are (usually followed by a story of how theirs turned yellow/brown because they gave it tap water). 🙂


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