I want to share an amazing meditation I had this past Tuesday. I saw that many other people reported interesting occurrences this day. Sometimes I meditate and nothing happens, I just do breathing and nothing comes to me. Tuesday was indeed special.

I will first explain who my main guides are. Anise has been familiar to me the longest. She has been with me my entire life but I wasn’t aware until about 12 years ago. I learn my guides names by directly asking. For Anise, I was shown the image of a flower. When I looked it up online, I discovered that it was a Star Anise flower. Anise tells me that she is Native American, and has lived many past lifetimes on the Earth. She always stands directly in front of me to speak to me.

Then there is Cliff. He is extremely tall. For the past decade he has only stood to my right; behind my shoulder. He is very quiet and never speaks. I have recently learned that he only speaks telepathically. I had to figure this out on my own…. on accident. I usually communicate with Anise by images and just knowing. I want to add that I also recently figured out that Cliff is a Pleiadian Star Seed here as my galactic guide.

Just this year I found a new guide, Anemone. Anemone is my sacred traveler guide. I do not sense a gender for Anemone, so I will refer to it as “it”. It is very short, and has the height of a medium size dog. It has a ornate gold shell on its back like a turtle. This shell is all I see, with no body or face. Anemone has the energy/personality of a dog friend. The ornate shell is stunning gold, looks like a seashell, and has gemstones embedded throughout. I put it on as a backpack. Once on, massive wings pop out and I can fly wherever I want to go!

During my magical meditation this past Tuesday, I decided to take Anemone for a flight. I usually decide where to go, but this time Anemone wanted to decide. I put it onto my back and flew to Northern Cali on top of Mount Shasta. I was guided to place my hands onto the earth. When I say “I was guided”, I am usually shown and image of what to do with a knowing feeling. As I placed my hands on the earth, I felt all of the ancient Lemurian energy shoot up into my palms. It felt like I harvested the energy. Anemone brought me back home and asked me to place my hands to the ground where I sat meditating to transfer the light energy. I was told that this was what I came here to do as a Light worker. Move light and shift darkness.

Once finished, I tried to tap into Cliff once again. For the first time, I was able to communicate telepathically to him with ease. For the first time ever, he stepped in front of me while Anise stood to my right side. As he stood in front of me, I noticed a group of entities to my left that looked similar in appearance. They glowed a blue/silver plasma all over and they were huddled together. Cliff told me that I couldn’t be with them yet, that their energy was too strong for me right now. Right away, he helped me cleanse my chakras.

Each chakra was the size of a tennis ball. They were faceted crystals. They needed a good polishing. He started with my heart chakra. I rotated the faceted chakra and rubbed and scraped off gunk. When he would touch a chakra, bright lights would beam out of its center. Once completed with my Heart chakra, he moved onto the Solar plexus chakra, then to the Throat chakra. Attention then went to the Sacral chakra, the Root chakra and finally the Crown chakra. I felt much lighter afterwards. I was told that I need to do this clearing every night before bed.

The experience of going to Mt. Shasta during meditation and moving energy from one place to another taught me that I am free. I have felt trapped for many reasons for most of my life. This is the first time I feel free. I now realize that feeling trapped was a self-induced coma. I can tap into the energy of anywhere in this dimensional space. It’s magic. It’s time travel.

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  1. I traveled with you through your amazing tale. I love hearing about the different types of Beings aside the usual Angels and Guides. There are countless of them out there.
    Thank you so much for sharing, what a gem. 🌀✴

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