Today…. ugh

I have had a rough energy day. I was feeling good until my coworker came to my desk to chat. I can read peoples energy so clearly. I feel like a sponge. Today, I felt like my soul had 3rd degree burns and just being exposed to air hurt me. Many people come to me to talk of things spiritual lately as if they can sense my light. My friends and coworkers are not aware of the Ascension. I mention it to them, but they are still skeptical about it all. When I point things out in regards to energy affecting them, they close up and retreat. It’s as if they are intrigued but not enough to research the subject. I feel so alone. It feels like everyone around me is on the surface, and I am deep into the depths of the ocean. I see and feel an entirely different world.

I have now been feeling all of their judgements. At first, I thought perhaps these are triggers. I thought that deep down these were my judgements. I’m not sure if that’s the case but it feels like it’s their own issues being triggered by me. When I speak to them I send love, energy, and bright light vibes.

For example, I feel them judge me when I can’t watch the same tv shows and movies as them. It feels like they think I’m some emotional wimp for not being able to handle watching violent, scary, or dramatic images. They comment on it kindly but do not hide the fact that I am different. One of my co workers calls me a “purist”. These types of movies/tv shows and the news not only cause me to feel negatively, but I know it also lowers my vibration. I stay true to myself, yet feel so isolated when it comes to having things in common with people. Lately, it feels like these coworker’s egos are on attack mode towards me and my ways.

It’s so hard to be a Lightworker. I know that I am here to spread my light and transform 3D energies into 4D & 5D. I wish I could bring others to my level of awareness, but I can’t. That’s not my job. It can only be subtle, and the simplicity of just spreading my light just by being me sometimes feels irrelevant- like it’s not making the impact I want it to. I wish I could just shake people who are still in the shadows of the matrix, and somehow immediately shift them into knowing. Instead I have to watch them shift slowly or not at all from sidelines. That’s where I start to feel judged, but I recognize that’s just my ego. My ego telling me that I’m not like them. That perhaps not knowing is pure bliss for them while I suffer alone. It’s one thing to be blissfully unaware of life’s challenges being soul lessons and evolution- it’s another to be aware of all of it and stare from above and being the only person who understands. UGH. I’m rambling now and I’m sure my writing is no where near professional- and that’s okay.

Today we had a long spike in the Schumann Resonance. It’s still going. I have been tracking how I feel during these spikes. Here is a link of where I check the status:

Well that’s my rant for today. I am usually quite positive. Today was just ‘off’ for me. I will soon post an intro, some links to books that have helped me over the past decade or more, and an intro to my guides.

I am fighting the egos urge to overthink and plan this blog. I want to just journal as it comes to me and hopefully it will help someone. Bye.

P.S. I wanted to share this post from Instagram. It completely syncs up with what I was saying. Love it. 🤗

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