The Journey Begins

Happiness consists not in having what we want, but in wanting what we already have— Confucius

Welcome to all! I have been guided to post my spiritual journal so others can see it. For a long time, my journey of evolution was a lonely one. I had to learn many lessons on my own while feeling like an outsider. The vast amount of information on the internet has helped me over the years. I hope to be an inspiration to someone else, or at least help in some way. My plan is to blog all of my epiphanies, synchronicities, light codes, and visions that appear to me. Everyone is different. A big part of my starseed awakening was realizing how unique we all are. There is no need to compare ourselves to others spiritual gifts. It is nice however to see how they appear to others. For example, when I hear spirit/entities speak to me, it’s in my own voice. It took me years and years to realize this. Without being aware of this, I missed out on many messages.

I will make formal introductions in a future post.

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